Fat Burning Furnace Diet

I wanted to review Rob Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace diet and integrated exercise program even though it’s been on the market for several years. The fact is that his approach has proven results which have been enjoyed by thousands of people. This is not a quick weight loss scheme, so you will lose weight more naturally and over a longer period of time. Mr. Poulos integrates an easy to follow physical fitness program through relatively simple to perform resistance exercises. This increases muscle mass which burns calories. The Fat Burning Furnace Diet is combined with a dieting regimen that focuses on having you eat healthy, nutrient packed foods (e.g. foods with a lot of vitamins and minerals) something I look for specifically in any popular diets when I write a review. You focus less on the actual foods you eat but you do need to keep track of calories.

The Good

  • The program focuses on the increased development of your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which when increased burns calories and fat very effectively. This is your fat burning furnace.
  • The exercise process is relatively quick making it more likely you can succeed in naturally changing your RMR over the long term versus a completely aerobic physical exercise approach which is time intensive.
  • There is a very solid diet plan, including tables of meals, what foods to eat, and how to prepare them healthfully. This is a big plus that is a must for any popular diets to be successful and something that the Fat Burning Furnace diet program outlines clearly.
  • You can lose 10 or 20 pounds (or more) by following this long term exercise and diet approach.

The Bad

  • Changing your RMR is exciting and you can certainly see results in the form of lost weight, and that builds momentum to stay with the program. However, if you stop working on the physical aspect of resistance training your RMR will drop.
  • If you like cardio workouts this program is probably not ideal as that approach doesn’t support a notable increase in your RMR.

My Take on the Fat Burning Furnace Diet

Overall this is one of the better online weight loss programs I have reviewed and it is easy to see why this has remained one of the most popular diets around. I applaud Rob Poulos’ approach of working exercise into the actual “diet program”. In addition, the fact that you have to be aware of what you are eating is positive because it conditions you to understand the amount of calories in food, along with the amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins you are eating. Education is one the keys to successful weight loss from my own experience, something that the Fat Burning Furnace diet and exercise approach does an excellent job explaining, making it easy to follow and see results.

Source by Heath Jackson

Post Author: MNS Master