Featherlight Semolina Sourdough | The Fresh Loaf

A fond adieu to Portugal with this light semolina loaf, pao Alentejo, from Nelson Carvalheiro’s recipe. It starts off with two different starters, one made with bread flour and one with rye. Left them overnight to bubble and mixed the bread the next morning. I got busy in the garden, so it overproofed a bit. I gently knocked it down and shaped the loaf according to Berndt’s method and let it rise in a bowl lined with well-floured cheesecloth. It all worked well except that I could not get the required ridge when it baked. I probably did not flour the end of the roll enough before putting it down to rise. It is one of the nicest tasting breads I have ever baked. I will make it again and keep on trying to get the right ride along the loaf.

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