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Hi bakers,

I’ve not posted here in a while because I got graduated and I was very busy, but I didn’t stop baking bread and I’m happy to repost here with a new experiment: baguette!

I wanted to challenge myself with a new shape and new shaping techniques and I have to admit that all the process was challenging but far from impossible!

I used Trevor’s recipe, I found it on youtube ( and it is an easy take on the process of making baguette but, as he said, the results are pretty decent and very close to a more difficult one!

I shaped them after I watched some videos on youtube and after staring at Tartine bread book for hours and hours to get the movements right and to develop a tight dough with a regular shape!

As you see from the pre-bake and pre-resting photo, the size is good and I managed, in some way, to shape it quite right…but my tray isn’t big enough to contain a baguette this long (so maybe next time I’ll divide the initial dough in three parts in order to have three little breads instead of two longer ones).

The final result (the photo on the cover of this post) is surprising to me because I wasn’t expecting bread like that: with crunch but at the same time tender and with the right ratio between the external crust and the crumb inside.

I’m really happy and I can not wait until the next bake because I’m in love with the idea that every time I learn something new and that I can feed me and my family and friends with bread but also with love and passion!

I would really appreciate your advices to improve my techniques and your thoughts on my first ever baguettes!

Hope all of you are doing well, keep baking!

Beatrice, X

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