Fruit For Thought – A Quick Tip For Getting Healthy

Recently, my boyfriend informed me that he and his mother were going back to Weight Watchers. This is something they’ve each done several times in the past, but they haven’t followed through. Nevertheless, I wanted to do my part to help and support them.

So, the first thing I did was help them to purge their house of junk food. It’s amazing how many cookies, candies and the like we either got rid of or I took to my house, as I’m actually under weight.

The next thing I suggested to them is that they go in with a game plan. I knew that my boyfriend would eat anything. I also knew that his mother was extremely picky, though. So, we all sat down to make a list of the healthy foods that we could all agree on. Surprisingly, we all agreed on many fruits.

Fruits are actually great. Not only are they healthy snacks, but you can take them anyplace. That is, after all, why many people eat junk food. They want to grab a quick, convenient candy bar. Well, an apple or a banana can be just as convenient.

If you want to make sure that you eat plenty of fruit, keep a bowl on your counter next to your door. That way you’ll see it any time you go in or out of your house. If you’re worried about it spoiling, I had the same worry. That’s why my boyfriend and I also got some frozen fruits and frozen fruit juices, as well as dried fruits.

The health benefits of fruit and ways to prepare fruit are both limitless. So, trade in a candy bar for an apple and you can succeed, just like my boyfriend and his mother did.

Source by Ann Satchel

Post Author: MNS Master