Fun Doughs for my Family… Plus Reinhart Rye

My family loves my sourdoughs…despite the fact that I tear them all apart…but I decided to be nice to them today and make some enriched and flavored doughs. I am having so much fun and so many questions about this or that that I could crank out 10 experimental loaves a day but alas…one must show some control. Just not much!

Breakfast- Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid

For the dough, I used Henspergers sweet dough as listed here:

I intended to try blackberries but the big guy wanted raspberry…and KAF Baker’s companion has a version that uses raspberry jam. It doesn’t have to be cooked and sped up my morning AND my homemade jam is simply fabulous so…I went with that. Egg wash with sugar at end.

Raspberry Filling: 6 oz jam, 1 egg, 2 tbsp flour

Cream Cheese: 80z, 2 tbsp butter, 1.75 oz sugar, 1.75 oz ap flour

Very well received by all! KAF uses pastry flour. Want to try a side by side comparison. Smaller area of filling might be more effective. Clear jell probably more attractive finish on fruit filling. I foresee a long run of braid experimentation in the near future…I have fresh blackberries needing a recipe so…

Dinner: KAF onion buns

I went light on the flour but I wouldn’t want more, not even to make them super pretty like the pictures. While everyone loved them, I would like a sharper onion flavor than minced onions provide. Made them pretty flat but they were perfect that way. Johnny’s garlic sprinkle and parmesan on most, with a whole egg wash leftover from the braid. Good sandwich buns the next day.

Anadama Bread- got distracted and overproof but tried the finished loaves. Love the flavor. To redo.

Reinhart’s Crust and Crumb Sourdough Rye…so frustrated!

So I’m having a problem with my very active starter. Overproofing. Last time it was majorly overproofed. It is supposed to have a 3-4 hour proof, retard overnight, and then sit out for 1 hour before baking. On the first attempt, I followed this and it was hugely overproofed. Flavor so good but no oven spring and tight crumb. Attempt two (this time) I put it directly into the fridge. Next morning, out for about 1 hour before baking and it is better but still overproofed and fell when I scored it. Next time, I’m going to make the final dough with cold water and see what happens.

Up next: I’ve been reading about Tartine and have a rye and Country loaf in progress. Redoing the Reinhart Rye. And the anadama is in progress- from Reinhart BBA.

Going to try the San Francisco Sourdough from the Village Baker by Joe Ortiz. It calls for 2 builds of a very firm starter. I’m hoping to intensify the sourdough from Crust&Crumb. It will be a fun journey, that much I know.

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