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Many people have claimed that the Master Cleanse diet has worked wonders for them by giving great weight loss results in a short span of time. But it is also observed that once the diet duration is over and done with people would get back the lost weight just after a few months. So, the question here is how to make the results last for a longer time so that the master cleanse results are effective to the core.

This relapse of the weight would not have occurred if the dieters followed just a few careful and simple tips while they were on the diet. It is therefore, mandatory that the athletes understand clearly in the first place what is expected of them before, after and during the diet program.

One has to prepare itself mentally and physically before they start on the diet … mentally because they will not eat the regular diet that enterprises solid food material. They will have to survive on the liquid diet which enterprises of the lemonade drink, herbal tea and salt water flush. Physically they need to gather all the stamina that is required to make them sail through the entire span of ten days of the diet. Before starting on the diet do not eat high calorie foods as they will add up to the existing pile of toxins in the body.

During the diet, drink as much water as possible because water is an agent which cleans the internal system thoroughly and will push out the toxic substances efficiently through urine and sweat. This purging of the internal system will bring out a glow in the face as well as the skin. And adequate water intake will also keep the body well hydrated.

After the diet, rather than going back to your normal diet, it is advisable to follow the master cleanse diet with less stringency. You may continue to abstain from aerated drinks, caffeine and alcohol which are in no way useful to the body. By doing so, you will not gain weight and the scope of losing weight further is high. Reintroduce solid foods slowly back into your diet rather than switching over to them all of a sudden. Include soups, juices and boiled vegetables in your diet and also foods that are high on fiber so that you will not add on weight easily. Engage in a physical exercise so that the results last for a longer time.

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