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Grill Foil provides you with a NO HASSLE, NO MESS AND HEALTHIER grilling experience by eliminated the clean-up process and providing a perforated/holed/vented foil that can eliminate flame flare ups and harmful gasses by way of an infrared concept using the foil and provide a non-stick grilling process for veggies, seafood and all meats especially Ribs and BBQ chicken which is a real plus. Be sure when using this grill foil that you put the DULL SIDE UP which is the coated side, this will keep your food from sticking.

You can use the foil to also Steam shrimp and vegetables on the stove, smoke food in the oven, strain, and create vented BBQ pouches, or cover your air fryer containers prior to use. Keep extra in your pantry as it makes the perfect gift for Dad and any other men and or women in your life who love to use backyard grill!

Also, don’t forget to add a roll of this magic silver Grill Foil to your tailgating accessories bag, football game cleanup will never be easier.

• Faster Cooking– Vented foil works like infrared grilling
• Less Mess– No more sticking food
• More Flavor– Keep the smoky grill flavor without drying/charring food
• Blocks Harmful Gases-Even cooking heat while the Grill Foil reflects the harmful gases away from food

Please note: We have recently updated the graphics on our packaging so don’t be alarmed if you receive a two pack that looks different, it’s the same inside.

So if you are tired of dealing with nasty, messy barbecue grills go back up and hit Add to Cart! You won’t be sorry!✓ VENTED HOLES – Aluminum Foil Designed Exclusively for Grilling, but also works great for steaming and even covering containers you use in your air fryer. Precise Holes are designed to leave the grill marks, smoke and charcoal flavor intact.
✓ DULL SIDE UP – Heavy Duty Non-Stick foil works with any grill Weber, Charbroil, Big Green Egg etc., be sure when using this grill foil that you put the DULL SIDE UP which is the coated side, this will keep your food from sticking.
✓ SANITARY – Outdoor Park Grates Are Not Sanitary! Grill Foil was invented to eliminate the fear of dirty grills at state parks, beaches, lakes and your own backyard or apartment complex where the grills are shared by several hundred people.
✓ MESS FREE – The thought was to provide customers with a heavy duty, non-stick foil that allows for the smoke flavor to get to your food and ease clean-up after a barbecue.
✓ NO GRATE ESCAPE – Keeps F ✓ NO GRATE ESCAPE – Keeps Food from falling through the barbecue grates, Perfect for grilling fish and vegetables.

We’re sure if you use this foil correctly – “Dull side up” you are going to love how it performs but if you are not 100% satisfied please ask us for a full refund.

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