Halloween Slow Cooker Recipes – A Year of Slow Coo…

Alrighty, slow cookerers!

Let’s talk Halloween.

I can not think of another evening where having a crockpot plugged in will SAVE YOUR SANITY.

(well, I probably can think of a few other types of evenings but that’s because that’s what I do all day long…)


I wish I could tell you that I come up with something new! and exciting! each year for Halloween, but I’d be lying.

I make Pasta Fagioli.

Because it makes everyone happy and I try my hardest to make everyone happy.

If you aren’t in the mood for Pasta Fagioli (change your mood! it really is quite awesome),
then you might find something you like in this roundup I put together of the 

Top Ten Slow Cooker Halloween Recipes

Plan your entire party! 11 Slow Cooker Recipes all Halloween Themed. I love my crockpot and am so excited to do this!

Happy Halloween! Put your slow cooker to good use this weekend to keep all the goblins in your life happy and well-fed.

 Witch’s Brew. Green, slimy, sweet, and sour. The star anise look like tiny little spiders–fun!
 Caramel Apples. YUM. I made these for the first time on my daughter’s 7th birthday. Now she’s 10, and her LITTLE sister is 7. I’m not okay with this.
 Jamaican Pumpkin Soup. A rich, velvety, creamy soup– restaurant quality and super delicious. You decide the amount of cream to add at the table.
 Mulled Wine. Warm up after a chilly night out with a hot mug of mulled wine. The perfect by-the-fire adult drink.
 Pizza Soup. The kids have requested this for dinner this Halloween–liquid pizza. If you normally order pizza delivery before heading out,  make this instead to satisfy your pepperoni craving.
Orange Glazed Beets. Food that bleeds! Fantastic for Halloween— if you’re a beet fan, you’ll like these an awful lot. If you aren’t a beet fan, you probably never will be. That’s okay. I’m not either.
Stewed Tomatoes. They look like baby animal hearts, which is great for a spooky dinner, but taste A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. —even if you aren’t a big tomato fan.

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend, and enjoy your trick-or-treating! Viva la Crocktober!

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