Has it been since September since Lucy’s last post?

Well, it sure has.  Thanksgiving has come and gone and so has Christmas.  The photo above is a very white SD Chacon of 7% rye and the rest KA bread flour at 78% hydration using 15 g of long stored Rye NMNF starter  -that was lurking at least 4 months in the bottom of the fridge.

Chacon crumb

The great and wonderful Son in Law was her e so I finally got to showing him how to make a SD bread using very wet dough to boost his knowledge and experience,  The Chacon shaping was new for him but we covered slap and folds stretch and folds and shaping the non Chacon part if the dough.  This one was proofed on the counter after a 4 hour retard.    The 2nd loaf was a gift that my daughter was giving to a friend in Seattle with 120 g of newly refreshed 66% hydration NMNF rye starter.

This friend wanted a loaf and astarter to get her on her way to making great SD bread too!  Hers was a mix of red and white wheat with some rye at 10% whole grains.  We let this one proof in the fridge for 14 hours and we took it out as we fired up the oven to bake it.  This one was scored.

The brisket flat sliced perfectly.  The decadent point disappeared so fast I couldn’t get a shot.

Both were baked in a Combo Cooker since I got one for my SIL last Christmas.  20 min at 465 F lid on and 15 min at 425 F convection.  Forgot to spritz them so at least that didn’t change.  They both came off the bottom of the cooker 5 min after the lid came off and finished right on the oven racks and baked to 208 F

Mabel the Magnificent. She’s and 11 month old AussieDoodle.  The sweetest Baby ever! And the nearly 16 year old Lucy sound asleep.

78% hydration is too much for a Chacon with 72-763% about right so it didn’t really pop like it normally would to reveal the design.  The score also sort of sealed itself up because it was so wet –  so no gringe on the other one either.  The crumb was just the way we like it.  Soft, moist and glossy with various hole sizes.  Both of these would be called classic SFSD ‘s,  The Chacon tasted terrific.

Puff Paste for Chocolate Cinnamon Rugelach!

We used the Chacon for Christmas Eve Prime. Smoked Beef Brisket made just the way Aaron Franklin describes in his book with the following exceptions.  We used my new vertical pellet smoker using a competition blend if cherry, apple and hickory instead of post oak,  We all agreed that it was the best brisket we have ever had so hats off to Aarron Franklin of Austin Texas!

Extra thin tortilla pizza with a nice Chianti and my daughter’s Christmas Eve salad that made Lucy proud.

The SD bread was the perfect white bread for such grand smoked meat.  I love that new smoker it has made everything; ribs, turkey breast, chicken thighs, sausage and pork butt perfectly every time.  Only available exclusively at Lowe’s – Pit Boss Pro Series 4, vertical pellet smoker – highly recommended and only $379 – half the price of a Traeger, horizontal barrel .

Son In Law’s Christmas Breakfast SD Cheese and Scallion Popovers – Yummy with home made Lox and Nova Lox ! The Arizona Sunsets are still the same but this was a Christmas Eve Sunrise.

Happy New Year to the all the Fresh Lofians from Lucy and I

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