Healthy Crash Diet Before Wedding

The joys of preparing for a wedding can be stressful and sometimes a little frustrating at times. However, there is an area the bride wants to be sure she has covered and that is looking great in her dress. To make sure the gown fits perfectly the bride may have to go on a healthy crash diet. It is not unusual for some brides a couple of weeks prior to their wedding to go on a crash diet but one that boasts healthy techniques that are not counterproductive.

Okay, so you are getting married, it is a day that every bride dreams of when she is a little girl. With that thought come feelings of wanting to look like a princess because it is your day and all eyes will be on you. The thing that always becomes an issue is looking great and fitting into the wedding dress and being comfortable to move around for the duration.

Perhaps you want to shed a few pounds and you have tried diets before only to gain the weight back. One reason is because unrealistic diets do not work. You have heard of some of them, the no carb low fat diets or the liquid and starvation diets. One thing is sure if you are a bride to be, you do not have time to waste on something that is not going to work. It is a good idea to start either a month or two before try to trim a few pounds here and there. But if time runs out, or you are only reading this two weeks before your wedding, it’s okay. You can still try to drop those pounds by doing a healthy crash diet.

With the wedding day drawing near, two weeks does not seem like much time for a diet, but here is good news, there is a system where you can experience big results. You can lose body fat and inches and keep it off to look like a slimmer, beautiful, glowing bride.

These are some of what you can expect with this system:

Experience big results in a short space of time
Lose 10 to 14 pounds in two weeks
You can lose pounds of pure body fat a week
In 2 weeks you can look and feel better
Lose inches around your waist
With this diet plan you get to eat more and lose more
You get to eat the right calories and the correct amount of food

Too many things to do before the wedding and so little time to do them, and now something else has been added to your list; losing weight and fitting into your dress, but it is a necessary addition if you want to be that slim, beautiful looking bride.

In the meantime, instead of eating 3 big meals, eat 6 smaller portions, drink lots of water and have more healthy desserts …. like fruit. I know this may be a little difficult to do, but until your big day you may have to stay from some things like chocolate, ice-cream, and oh yes cake. You are trying to lose weight not gain!

Try to stay away from eating the wrong foods?
Try to not eat during the wrong times of the day, like midnight.
You know those empty calories you like to eat while watching your favorite TV Show? … Try to stay away. Remember how you want to look on your big day.
I know you do not like to exercise, but you need to.

If you put away the “bad habits” and try to incorporate a healthier lifestyle it would definitely show on your big day.

Source by Nelsa Leslie

Post Author: MNS Master