Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy: FAQs and 25% OFF

I love the first days of a new year – people are just so motivated and inspired. It’s a time of year when there is just so much positive energy and thinking out there. Scrolling through social media and blog posts, the energy is palpable and it’s motivating to see so many people taking steps to make positive changes in their lives. And of course as a healthy food blogger, I am especially pumped up about everyone taking steps to get healthy, lose weight, or just eat better in 2018. It’s inspiring and gets me excited about all the delicious recipes and meal plans that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks on Slender Kitchen.

So to get in on the New Year’s resolution fun, we are offering Slender Kitchen Meal Plan Memberships for 25% off regular rates. That’s less than $4 a month for the yearly meal plan membership. Just imagine never having to spend another Sunday meal planning or another Monday night racing to the grocery store to figure out what’s for dinner. More importantly, imagine not having to worry about abandoning your New Year’s Resolution because every week you get a new healthy and delicious menu to keep you excited, motivated, and on track. Members tell us all the time that having the meal plans make eating healthier easier and fun. They are excited about the new recipes and can’t wait to get in their kitchens and try them.

Since we told you all about meal plans in the last post, today we wanted to share some common questions we hear about meal plan memberships to help you decide if they are a tool that could help you stick to your resolution.

Have a question that’s not answered here, leave a comment and we will be sure to answer your questions!

What’s included in my membership?

Your membership to Slender Kitchen includes access to all of our weekly meal plans including the healthy, low carb, and vegetarian meal plans.  It also includes the Just Dinners meal plans and the most popular option – our interactive meal planning tool that lets you:

  • Customize the weekly meal plans by adding and removing recipes
  • Build your own meal plans from scratch
  • Generate a personalized shopping list from your meal plans
  • Customize yield (number of servings) to fit any family size
  • Choose what meals you need and eliminate meals you don’t
  • Add your own recipes to your meal plan

Is this a weight loss plan or diet?

Slender Kitchen is not a specific weight loss plan or diet, but can be used to complement virtually any weight loss and has worked for many as a healthy way to lose weight. All meal plans and recipes include nutritional information so you can customize plans to meet your calorie and/or nutritional goals. Additionally, Slender Kitchen is full of healthy recipes for many different diets – Paleo, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Whole30 and more – so it is easy to build a plan to match your needs if our suggested plans don’t work for your diet. Recipes also include Weight Watchers® Freestyle SmartPoints™.  Many Weight Watchers have shared that having the Freestyle SmartPoints™ included in the menu is a huge help in following the plan.

How does the interactive meal planner work?

The interactive meal planner works in two ways. First, the interactive meal planner allows you to customize the weekly meal plans. Each week you’ll recieve a suggested meal plan.  Then you can delete recipes you don’t like, drag in new recipes you want to use, add snacks, adjust the yield, and more. Your recipes and shopping lists will adjust automatically. Additionally, our meal planner can be used to build your own meal plans from scratch. You start with a blank calendar and can drag in any of our thousands of recipes you want to prepare. The shopping list for your meal plan is created automatically as well as a downloadable .pdf file.

Here’s a video of how it works:


How many people do your meal plans serve?

The great thing about our interactive meal planner is that you get to customize the plans for as many or as few servings as you like. The recipes and shopping lists will adjust automatically for the number of servings you have chosen. You can then customize those meal plans or simply download the plan with your custom servings. For those people using the pre-made meal plans, the plans are available for two and four people.

Can I switch between meal plans?

Definitely! Your membership to Slender Kitchen gives you access to all the meal plans including the healthy, low carb, and vegetarians plans.  Plus you can always build your own.

Can I add my own items to the shopping list?

Absolutely! Our interactive meal planner allows you to add any of your own items to the shopping list. For those people choosing to use the pre-made meal plans for 2 or 4 people, there is a space in the .pdf to write in your own items.

Can I just use the meal planner to make my own meal plans?

Of course! The meal planner can be used to customize our plans or create your own from scratch.

I just need ready to go meal plans, do you offer that?

Yes! Although many of our users prefer to use the meal planner to customize the meal plans to fit their needs and family size, we know some people just want to convenience of downloading a meal plan that’s ready to go. For that reason, every week we offer our Healthy, Vegetarian, and Low Carb Complete Meal Plans and Dinner Only Meal Plans for 2 or 4 people as a simple, one click download. This will include all the recipes you need, a categorized shopping list, and calendar of you meals.

Do the meal plans work for people on Weight Watchers?

We include Weight Watchers® Freestyle SmartPoints™ in all of our recipes so that people following Weight Watchers® can also use our plan.  Many members have shared that the meal plans have made the adjustment to the new system much easier since they have a week’s worth of meals and recipes with everything calculated for them.

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