Homemade broth has so many advantages, reduce food waste, reduce plastic waste, save money, eat healthy.

Vegetarian/vegan broth turned out pretty good!! (Skip anything cloves down you don’t have it and it should still be good.)

Ingredients: 1 – tablespoon olive oil 1 – Bay Lead 1 – TSP black pepper corns 4 – (ish) celery sticks, leaves on, chopped roughly 1 – onion, halved, skin left on 4 – carrots, chopped roughly 1 – bunch parsley 6 – Cloves (spice, not garlic) 5 – Strands saffron 3 – garlic cloves, whole, skin on 1 – (or two) parsnips

  1. Use large stock pot

  2. Put everything in it

  3. Cover with water

  4. Turn heat to high

  5. Right before it boils (when you see little bubbles) turn heat down

  6. Summer for about an hour, salt to taste ** key is to not let it boil, that will result in a icky taste

  7. Strain everything, discard veggies and ta-da!

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