Homemade Chinese Hot Pot with Shrimp and Pollock because my favorite place won’t allow takeout .

Uhhhhhh….. ½ packet of Little Sheep Hot Pot base (it comes with Goji Berries. I add the whole packet because I like them and I keep them in the house. It comes with sunflower oil. Add it all or add the same amount of sesame oil. The seasoning packet is way more than enough for 10 servings)
1 tbsp oiled chili or crushed pepper if you don’t have it
2-3 cloves garlic
2 dried red dates
1 sq inch piece of ginger
2 whole scallions chopped
1 handful chopped cilantro or coriander leaves whatever you call it where you’re from

Boil 2½ quarts of water and throw everything above in
If you want meat or poultry, put it in now and skim the protein off the top when it’s thoroughly cooked

Cut up ½ a Napa Cabbage avoiding the curly leaves
1 lb of Baby Bok Choy or whatever leafy greens you like
If you like okra, put it in whole. It makes the soup viscous
Throw in your vegetables

Throw in 200g of Udon if you’re using dry Udon, put it in with meat or poultry

Throw in your seafood and lower the heat

Eat when seafood is cooked

Don’t burn your mouth.

Edit: Quarts, not gallons 🙄

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