Homemade Colon Cleansing Diet – 6 Great Foods That Should Be Included

Due to the fast life pace of the people nowadays, fast foods just can not be avoided while you working away from home. As we all know, processed and fried foods will leave toxins within our digestive tract. Colon cleanse has become a compulsory course that we have to take in order to live a long life. In addition to those expensive colon cleansing programs and products, a homemade colon cleansing diet is one way that will not cost your anything more than your daily expenditure or even less. What is more significant about it is that it is totally natural.

There are a lot of items that can be included in your homemade colon cleansing diet. The following 6 great foods will have considered more seriously due to their colon cleaning properties.

1. Water. Water supplies the body with moisture, preventing the cells from being thirsty. It also moisturizes the things that go through our digestive system. Drink one glass of water right after you get up in the morning because your body needs it after one whole night without taking any. Drink one glass half an hour before sleeping. Drink 6 glasses of water every 2 hours through the day.

2. Steamed or raw vegetables. Vegetables have good colon cleansing function because of the fiber as well as other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in them. Most of the nutrition contained in the vegetables can be retained when they are steamed. Raw vegetables would be best if you can eat them raw.

3. Apple. The apple is a must for colon cleanses. Soluble fibers and pectin in the peel are adjustable colon cleansers. Apples also contain Zinc, an element that prolongs life.

4. Strawberry. It facilitates digestion.

5. Honey. Honey not only plays a good role of cleansing the digestive tract, but also contains amino acid and various vitamins that are good for heart.

6. Unpolished rice. Called the “plumber”, unpolished rice can absorb various deposits on the lining of the digestive tract before it goes out of the body together with them.

With the properly prepared homemade colon cleansing diet, you can get clean colon, overall health and even clearer skin as well. They are not so difficult to prepare. Just take them into your daily kitchen routine and you are good to go.

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