Homemade Flour for Pain de campagne

Homemade Flour for Pain de campagne

The French typically use 10-17% rye flour and T80 flour for the rest.

Here in New Zealand I have limited choices.  But I have a flour mill.  So I’ve been making a flour close to T110 as follows:

  1. Hard White Spring wheat from the Canterbury region (organic, bio-gro, Demeter).  We don’t grow much hard red winter wheat down here, AFAIK.
  2. Fine grind through my (somewhat annoying) hand cranked Country Living Mill.  Often I do a coarse grind, then a second pass find grind.
  3. Sift (bolt) through 18 hole-per-inch standard kitchen sieve.
  4. Sift (bolt) again through a finer (0.5mm?) honey strainer.

I calculated the extraction rate by weighing the final flour (734g) versus the original wheat (835g), giving 88% extraction rate.  This is in line with French T110 flour, so I will assume it has an ash content of around 1.1%.

On the market I can buy either High Grade flour (11.5% protein, similar to American All Purpose flour), or Plain Flour (10% protein).  I purchase the former from a reputable brand (Champion).  I presume it is akin to French T55 flour, which has an ash content around 0.56%.

Mixing these two flours in a ratio of 1:1, I get an ash content of 0.83%, which is smack dab in the middle of T80 flour ash content.

I’m rather chuffed.

So my final mix is:

  • 450g Champion High Grade Flour
  • 450g Homemade bolted wheat flour
  • 100g Homemade coarsely bolted rye flour (kitchen sieve only)

Since my bread making goal is to simply have one starter and one bread that I settle on, and then focus my efforts elsewhere, I’ll be using this flour both to feed my starter and to make my bread.

Happy baking everyone!

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