How Do You Make the Best Cup of Coffee With Your French Pre…

The popularity of French press coffee brewers can not be stomped on by new and fully programmable drip brewers today. This is because when it comes to brewing the most flavorful cup of coffee, this coffee machine still surpasses everything else.

The functions of a French press brewer allow full extraction of coffee essential oil. Most of the flavors from coffee grounds see out and goes to your cup of Joe. The result is a very tasty cup of coffee. Here is how you can use this coffee machine and brew a good cup of coffee:

Step 1: Grind coffee beans using a coarse setting. It should not be too fine or else it will not fully extract the flavor. Also, very fine coffee grounds can see into the filter of this brewer.

Step 2: A normal French Press brewer has half a liter of capacity. If you are using one with this size, you need up to 1.5 ounces of your favorite coffee grounds. Put it in the designated coffee ground beaker and fill it up with water. Just fill it up with an inch more of allowance.

Step 3: Attach the plunger on top of the machine. Allow up to 5 minutes for coffee to infuse slightly with the water. After that, press the plunger carefully. You need to do this gradually for air to escape. If you immediately plunge it down, some of the water might leak and seep out.

Step 4: Once you have finished doing so, you are now ready to have a taste of the coffee you brew from your French Press.

It is very flavorful as the essential oils are not trapped in the filter which is usually the case for drip brewers. However, you need to drink it immediately. You should not leave it for longer than twenty minutes as there are still sediments included inside and this might dissolve and cause bitterness to your brewer coffee.

Some experts also caution java enthusiasts with the use of this brewer. Since almost all essential oils are included, there is higher risk for a surge in cholesterol level. Drinking it in moderation is good so you can have just enough supply of antioxidants.

If you want to try the manual way of brewing a cup of java, why not try French press coffee machine? This is a good way to enhancing your dull coffee experience. Pretty sure the taste of the coffee this machine brews is unlike anything you have tasted before.

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