How Effective Is The Atkins Diet?

The Atkins Diet is by far one of the most popular of all low carb diets.

It was first founded in the 1970's by Dr Robert Atkins. He
came to the conclusion that overweight people were that way
not because of over eating but by excessive insulin production.

He then decided that overweight people ate more carbohydrates
than slimmer people. Although in many cases, overweight people
actually ate less than slimmer people. It was just a case of WHAT
they were eating rather than how much.

So he then set about creating a ketogenic fat burning diet. This
diet requires the dieter to eat no more than 40 grams of carbs
each day. But recommends to take supplements to make sure the body
remains balanced and is not starved of essential nutrients.

The four main stages of the Atkins diet are:

1. The Induction

2. On Going Weight Loss

3. Pre-Maintenance

4. Lifetime Maintenance

The Induction process involves taking no more than 20 grams of
carbs per day. You should eat proteins and fats plentifully though.
This will last for 14 days and should see a wide weight loss during
this time.

You will then move up to 40 grams of carbs per day and this is called
the On Going Weight Loss (OWL). You will remain on this process of
OWL until you reach your desired weight.

You will then balance your carbs under Lifetime Maintenance to keep
to your desired weight.

The Atkins Diet is a very easy diet to follow and can lead to a
rapid weight loss in most cases.

Obviously you should seek medical advice before undertaking any
diet or weight loss program.

Source by Ben Wood

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