How to Break Down a Whole Tuna

Here’s another in Bon Appetit magazine’s Beatiful Butchery series, this time focusing on how to butcher and break down a whole tuna, including how to fillet tuna. 

Our guide for this edition is butcher and fish market owner Yuji Haraguchi. He sets about the tuna using five different knives, breaking down the colossal fish into all the cuts of fish you see at sushi restaurants. 

It’s a long video, clocking in at around 20 minutes, but even if you’re not going to be needing to break down a whole tuna any time soon, as with all the videos in the series, it’s fascinating to find out where all the different cuts come from on the animal. Plus, you get to watch some pretty excellent knife skills. 

The other videos in the series are dedicated to beef, lamb and pork

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