How to Cook Fresh Salmon – Four Easy Recipes

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Salmon is a healthy fish. It’s nutritious and rich in omega-3. I grew up in rural Alaska, so I ate a lot of fish as a kid. Now that I’m the one running the kitchen I’ve learned several yummy (and gluten free) ways to cook fresh salmon.

Baked Salmon

One of the easiest ways to prepare fresh salmon is to bake it. I prefer to lay the fillets flat in a shallow baking dish and top them with mayonnaise and spices. You can also bake it in foil packets.

Here are some other topping options:

– lemon, salt and pepper

– salsa

– chopped fruits

– pineapple and brown sugar

– worcestershire sauce

– bar-b-que sauce

– Italian salad dressing

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. You can tell salmon is done when it looks opaque and flakes easily with your fork. As with any seafood it’s important to be sure it’s cooked through.

Salmon Au Gratin

An easy recipe when you need a quick dinner is salmon au gratin. You can either make your own au gratin potatoes, or do it the easy way and use a box of au gratin potatoes. Mix the potatoes as directed on the box in a large baking dish, then lay the fillets (no skin) across the top and bake as indicated for the potatoes.

Salmon Patties

Salmon patties are a kid-friendly option for preparing salmon and the left overs work great for sandwiches. To make salmon patties you need to first cook the salmon. Baking or boiling works. Once it’s cooked, you want to flake it into little pieces and make sure there aren’t any bones. In a large bowl, combine the salmon with smashed crackers or bread crumbs (gluten free crackers work well), and an egg or two. Season with salt and pepper. Mix well then form into patties shaped like hamburgers. You can then either bake the patties or fry them until warmed through and browned.

Salmon Salad

For a quick snack mix cooked salmon with a bit of mayonnaise and serve with crackers. For a little more pizzaz you can add finely chopped pickles or apples to your salmon. This also works well on sandwiches or in wraps with tortillas or leaves of lettuce.

These recipes work with fresh salmon or salmon from the store. You can used canned salmon in salmon au gratin, salmon patties, or salmon salad.

Source by Michelle Shaeffer

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