How To Make An Italian Mafia Red Eye Espresso

There’s a scene in the classic Hollywood movie Good Fellas, where Tommy DeVito (played by actor Joe Pesci) asks for a cup of coffee before he murders one of his mafia colleagues (does the mafia even call them colleagues?).

Once he does ‘the hit’, he says he wants the coffee to go.

It makes you wonder, what kind of coffee does the Italian mafia drink? If Hollywood movies are to be believed, it’s espresso – and make it a double, mugsy.

All joking aside (and seriously, Mafia people – we are just kidding!), have you ever thought about combining the taste of rich, silky espresso with the anise flavor-explosion that is Sambuca?

It’s a popular duo – and makes the Italian Mafia Red Eye espresso recipe definitely worth checking out. It’s like an offer you can’t refuse!

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Post Author: MNS Master