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Ready to get healthy in the New Year? Having a plan for what to eat can make all the difference. No more searching for recipes, figuring out a shopping list, and worrying about what to eat every week! Instead enjoy stress-free healthy eating and shopping for less than $1 a week. It couldn’t be easier with our family tested healthy recipes and easy-to-use customizable meal plans.

We’ve all been there. After the holidays and indulgences, we are ready and motivated to finally stick to our resolutions and get healthy in the New Year. The first couple weeks go great and then before we know it, eating healthy and weight loss gets hard. Between work, family life, and the daily scramble to get things done – our weight loss and healthy living goals suddenly take a back seat. And all too often when we don’t have a plan in place for what to eat, we end up slipping back into our old habits. Then suddenly before we know it, one week of unhealthy eating turns into many and the pounds start to creep back on. But this year doesn’t have to be that way. We want to help!

Meal planning and healthy eating doesn’t have to be so hard

Each week you will receive a meal plan packed with delicious, family tested recipes.

  • Healthy, Low Carb, or Vegetarian plans
  • Build your own
  • Customize servings
  • Choose the meals you need
  • All plans include nutritional information and SmartPoints


Personally, I know this all too well. Before starting my own weight loss and health journey, every night consisted of panic as I stared blankly into the fridge, frustration when I sprinted to the store or called for pizza again, and unfortunately multiple failed weight loss attempts. It was a pretty miserable place to be and I felt out of control and unsuccessful.

That all changed when I finally started meal planning. For me it truly was the key to losing weight, getting healthy, and feeling good about meal time again. For the first time in years, I started to lose weight, keep it off, and most importantly enjoy and cherish meal time again.

However there is no denying that creating a meal plan from scratch takes time, lots and lots of time. And most people just don’t have that time. Almost everyone I talk to about meal planning said they knew it worked but in the same breath said, “I just don’t have time to find healthy recipes my family will eat and make shopping lists. It seems easy, but it takes forever.”

That’s why we are here to help! By doing all the hard work of meal planning for you, we make it easy to eat healthier, lose weight, and enjoy meals again without stress! Take a look at how it works below. Let us take the pain out of finding healthy recipes and figuring out what’s for dinner.

How it Works

At Slender Kitchen, we believe that when you are armed with a meal plan full of delicious, family-tested meals, eating healthy is easy and fun! Here’s how it works.

  • Choose your plan: To start you’ll choose a meal plan, indicate your family size, and tell us about your goals. We offer healthy, low carb, and vegetarian meal plan. You can even build your own.
  • Get a new meal plan every Thursday: Each week we send you a healthy, delicious meal plan complete with yummy recipes, a categorized shopping list, and ideas for easy meal prep.
  • Customize your meal plan: Swap in new recipes, remove meals you don’t need, add your own items, and make the meal plan work for your busy life in just a few minutes. Then download your custom meal plan and shopping list in one click.
  • Enjoy healthy, stress free cooking your family will love: No matter which plan you use, rest assured that meal time will be delicious, healthy, and stress free. Meal planning made simple.

We truly believe that meal planning can be the thing that changes meal time stress, weight loss, and healthy living for you. We have seen this happen for countless members who are finally enjoying meal time again, eating healthier, and losing weight.

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