Learn German While Visiting The Black Forest

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You have decided on a trip to Germany, and want to be able to speak some German when you get there. Learning German Language will help you decide which course to choose and maybe which area to visit. Do you like cities with their culture; Museums, Concerts, Opera, or do you prefer nature? Maybe you want to see some of the famous German castles and get to know some of their history.

Maybe you want to explore different parts of Germany. Let’s start with the Black Forest. The name conjures up a dark, sinister place. The reason it’s called Black Forest is due to the dark green coniferous trees. From a distance they look black, but it is one of the best places to explore.

This beautiful area sits in the south-west corner of Baden-Württenberg and borders France to the west and Switzerland to the south. It is known for its famous Cuckoo Clocks and colorful native dresses. If you love nature, you will really love the Black Forest. The land and the villages look relatively unchanged, and you will absolutely love the heavily wooded mountains and verdant valleys and fields.

What would you order in a Restaurant to get the native flavor? You will find all kinds of schnitzel; Rahm Schnitzel, Zigeuner Schnitzel and, of course, Wiener schnitzel. Instead of potatoes you might want to try “spätzle,” a type of pasta that originated in the area. And you don’t want to miss tasting its famous Ham. It takes a least three month to cure. The longer it has been air-dried or smoked, the better it tastes. Then there is the well-known Scharzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake).

The Black Forest is perfect for hiking, mountain- biking and Nordic walking. You can choose from more than 500 certified hiking guides. Should you be there in the winter, the Feldbrg at 1493 meters is ideal for skiing.

If you want to take a German immersion course Learning German Language can guide you to one of the language schools (Sprachschulen). Freiburg, which is located at the southern part of the Black Forest, has a number of them.

You will find that people in the Black Forest are using German expressions you don’t find in other places of Germany. Instead of “Guten Tag,” or hello, they will greet you with “Grüss Gott,” which means “greetings to God.”

If you want to learn just enough German to get by, you will find basic German phrases and expression on the web site Learning German Language.

Source by Gerlinde McDonald

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