Learn How to Build a Chicken Coop The Easy Way

If you look up all the information available online about chicken coops, you might end up with nothing but good intentions. Don’t be intimidated by all the different information. You can learn how to build a chicken coop the easy way and still end up with a structure that serves the purpose of protecting your chickens!

There are many different designs of chicken coops available that are pre-built or come partially assembled. However, not only are they very expensive, they also require you to pay shipping to get them to you. Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, you will be better off finding the plans on how to build a chicken coop easily and quickly and saving hundreds of dollars to use for other things.

Building a coop that is aesthetically pleasing is simply a matter of choice. If you are raising chickens in your backyard and have neighbors that might be offended by an unattractive structure, then you may have a better reason for being concerned with the looks of your coop.

Another reason to choose a simple style rather than an elaborate one is your level of carpentry skills. Unless you are exceptionally talented, you will want to stick with an instruction guide that gives you simple step-by-step instructions and doesn’t require the use of any fancy tools.

The most important reason for building a chicken coop at all is for protecting your chickens. There are many predators in nearly any area that would enjoy a fresh chicken dinner or that will steal eggs from the nests. You may also be concerned with thieves of the two-legged variety if chickens are easily accessible. When looking for directions on how to build a chicken coop, look for one that provides the best defense against predators and harsh weather.

Many of the plans you will find online will show you how to build a chicken coop with a level floor. This is one of the instructions that you should always ignore but especially if your have cold weather. Although chickens can handle the cold better than they handle heat, they can’t handle the combination of being wet and cold at the same time. This is an invitation to health problems in your chickens.

You want a design that will eliminate puddling in the floor whether it is from moisture that is absorbed or from spraying out the coop to clean it. Not only is a slanted floor a good idea so that water will run out and not puddle, having a slanted concrete floor is an even better idea. Concrete won’t absorb moisture like wood and it won’t rot as a result.

If you are raising chickens to produce eggs, you will need to know how to build a chicken coop that has nesting boxes and a roost. Your plans should supply your chickens with the room they need for laying their eggs. Only those that produce eggs will need boxes and roosts so if you are raising chickens for meat or as pets, you won’t need to include these features, further simplifying your design needs.

In summary, these are the things you need to consider when looking for plans on how to build a chicken coop the easy way:

• Choose a simple, square or rectangular structure rather than one with many angles.

• Only add the features that are essential to the type of chickens you are raising.

• Always allow for a slanted floor and adequate ventilation.

• Choose only the plans that are labeled easy, quick, or simple.

• Choose only plans that provide you with the step-by-step directions from start to finish.

Building a chicken coop doesn’t have to be a monumental task when you stick to the basics!

Source by Santhosh Kumar Muralitharan

Post Author: MNS Master