Light Rye from Illebrod ‘Sourdough’ book


We have visitor’s from London and they wanted to take some bread home so quickly made this


I pre-mixed the flour with salt the night before and put it into 10C wine cooler until 6AM when I just took it out and added 12 hour leaven via Rubaud. I have found that the pre-mix works on many formulas apart from the Champlain as long as I keep the dough coldish…..

After mixing in the leaven I warmed up dough for 4 hours in the proofer at 80F. Then pre-shape, 30 min bench rest final shaping and back in the wine cooler when we went for a walk for 5 hours…and then baked when back home from a walk in drizzly autumn weather….

Barney looks like he’s been to Mars!  😀 Kat

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