Lose Weight Easily With a Low Calorie Diet Plan

Any doctor will say the same thing when asked how to lose weight. Eat fewer calories and exercise more. It doesn’t matter how many gimmicks you buy or how many miracle foods you eat, nothing can change this fact. If you want to lose weight, you need to go on a low calorie diet plan and get off your rear-end and exercise. When starting a low calorie diet plan, or any diet plan for that matter, you need to make sure that you will be eating enough calories to lose the weight. If you under eat, you risk putting your body into starvation mode. The secret is to eat enough calories and nutrients, without starving yourself.

It is a well known fact that you need to go on a low calorie diet plan if you are going to lose weight. If you have already cut your calories, and find yourself not losing any weight, it could actually mean you are not eating ENOUGH calories. When you don’t consume enough calories, the body thinks it is starving. It still needs fuel, so what happens is your body will start to burn muscle instead of fat. Also, your metabolism will slow down considerably, which means that when you start to eat normally again you will gain all of your weight back. This happens because it takes awhile for your metabolism to get back to normal speed.

The easiest way to start a low calorie diet plan is to cut out all the fattening foods from your diet. Don’t eat anything fried or breaded – eat grilled and baked instead. Eat “brown” breads instead of white, and replace regular soda with diet soda. Include a lot of raw and steamed vegetables. The food pyramid is an excellent guide to follow.

Source by Roger Kent

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