Lose Weight While Catching Tan – the Benefits of Sun Exposure

Sun exposure may lead to weight loss because the ultraviolets stimulate the secretion of a hormone of the pineal gland. This hormone burns the fats under the skin. The hormone`s effect is beneficial if dieters follow a certain “beach” program during the summer, according to recent studies.

The efficiency of this program also depends on the diet that dieters follow, and the hours of sleep. The ultraviolets should be avoided in the first seventy or eighty minutes after sunrise. The ultraviolets during this period may have unwanted effects, such as gaining weight, for sixty-five percent of the women and seventy percent of the men.
Dieters should not consume sweet beverages during the first three hours after sunrise.

These beverages contain artificial sweeteners that may lower the level of certain hormones. Dieters should avoid mineral water when they are at the beach and do not expose to the sun for more than an hour per day. It is not recommended to go to the beach between 11:30 a.m and 3:30 p.m.

Always consume water each time you feel thirsty and you`re at the beach and sleep between thirty minutes and an hour and half after beach. Do not consume sweet, distilled beverages within one hour before going to sleep.

Easy workout or sports are required before each session of sun exposure. In the evening, it`s good to go to the beach at around 6.00 pm and until sunset, and try to fall sleep on a comfortable support. The soft, comfortable sensations stimulates certain substances that enhance the ultraviolet`s effect.

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