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It was a beautiful June afternoon on the Monte Bello estate, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and, luckily, the rattlesnakes weren’t rattling. The view from the mountain was breathtaking but the young man didn’t notice, he was focused on his task. He had sat his girlfriend at the picnic tables and said he was going to the car to get the food. Little did she know he was also coming back with a very special bottle of Ridge wine, one with a very special back label. He had painstakingly taken off the original back label and he was now struggling in the hot sun to put his label, their label, on just right, sweat dripping from his brow. Back at the picnic table she was wondering, “What is taking him so long? Just grab the food and get back here” As he emerged from the parking lot, walking toward her with lunch and his extra special cargo did she notice anything different? A little smile on his lips? Or was she just unsuspecting and hungry?

GCOAT back label

The presentation gave nothing away, a delicious bottle of 2006 Monte Bello, a perfect complement to the perfect day. “You should read the back label” he suggested, the font the type, the color all the same, but the words… “  Two separate vines were planted together 26 months ago during an unusually sunny day” … it began. They had a nickname for themselves, as lovers do, GCOAT- standing for Greatest Couple Of All Time, it was humorous, bonding, winking, fun- like a good nickname should be. The two separate vines produced “ stellar wines on their own before coming together” but the GCOAT blend has produced “ something special, an indescribable connection” and it takes “ the wonderful individual characteristics on the two vines and transforms them into one, entwined creation which will now last for eternity…”.

Needless to say at the end of the reading of the back label there were tears, there was a ring, the word “yes” passed through her trembling lips and the people two picnic tables over might have noticed a particularly passionate embrace between the couple and sighed…” ah, young love…” The rest of the afternoon passed like a beautiful dream, the food and wine never more delicious, the world alive with possibility. A different Ridge bottle was consumed that day, but, the 2006 Ridge Monte Bello, a little too young to consume in June of 2010, still sits idle in it’s very special spot in the cellar of Monte Bello Collector members Thomas and Kim Lang, aka GCOAT, awaiting it’s next moment in the spotlight, evolving into something deeper and more complex, like love itself.

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