Made some loaf bread for the fam

Stole a recipe out of “The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book”. Fresh Milk Bread. Milk, Butter, Water, Yeast, 100% whole wheat. The bread turned out beautifully and sliced easily. I was much more confident today deciding when the dough was fully proofed and everything worked out quite well. On the first loaf, my scoring was too hesitant, on the second loaf I just went for it and got a clean score right off the bat, even though the score should have been a bit deeper. I feel like I am getting better every loaf!

The wife said the bread tasted a bit like burned milk. I didn’t taste any off flavors, but, I know she doesn’t like milky breads. A couple of years ago we made a few loaves of JAPANESE TANGZHONG MILK BREAD because we heard it had a longer shelf life. This bread tasted similar. This recipe is a little dry, but not as dry as Tangzhong Milk Bread.

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