Mini Bundt Cake Bar for Friendsgiving

Looking for a fun way to serve dessert at your next holiday gathering? Look no further! A Mini Bundt Cake Bar is easy to assemble and even more fun to decorate. Use the recipes in this post to make a variety of sturdy bundt cakes to fill your bar.

Mini Bundt Cake Bar for Friendsgiving

Donut walls have been all the rage in recent years for parties, showers, and almost any festive occasion. I’ve been eager to try making one myself because they are so darn adorable, aaaand I had some questions. For example – how practical is this for serving a crowd? How hard is it to build one? How do the donuts stay fresh?

This year I had the opportunity to make a donut pegboard for HGTV’s wedding DIY’s (as seen in this gallery, picture 41/60). It was so much fun and easier than I expected. Recently, after baking up some mini bundt cakes in a fancy pan, it struck me how beautiful they’d be displayed on a wall. I decided then to make a hanging mini bundt cake bar for our workshop Friendsgiving.

If you’d like to make your own hanging pegboard bundt bar, then hop over to for our build tutorial. For recipes – keep reading!
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