Moscow – Chocolate Restaurant of Your Dreams

Do not, I repeat – do not visit this chocolate restaurant, especially if you’re a sweet tooth like me! You will become an addict in no time, and spend all your income on tickets to Moscow!

“Shokoladnica” is the queen of sweets. More specific, a queen of chocolate. When you’re there for the first time – promise me you’ll order the chocolate pancakes. Or should I say – THE pancakes?

They are the Alpha and Omega of chocolate, the pride of Moscow and the ultimate diet slayers. My curse and blessing. My everything.

Once you taste them – there is no going back. You will fall prey to the dark side forever. Dark chocolate side, that is.

As one of my friends put it – “too bad we’re not allowed to lick the plates after we’re finished”. Believe me, you’ll feel the same once you’re done!

But that’s not all! There are all of sorts of pancakes you can have, with meat, cheese, caviar, salmon, mushrooms and whatever else that comes to your mind. But start with the chocolate. You promised, remember?

Supplement the pancakes with delicious salads and soups – and you’ll be on the seventh heaven. But wait – we forgot about the dessert!

First, a few words about the tea. “Shokoladnica” is the place to find the most exotic kinds of it, so go on and experiment! Would you like to taste “The Flowers Drawn on The Silk”? Or perhaps “The Dragon’s Well”? Maybe “Pu Erh”?

If it sounds too exotic, choose between green, black, fruit and berry tea – I’m sure you’ll find something you like. And have you seen the cakes? Made of cheese, honey, delicious souffle and, of course, chocolate, they are mmmmm-hmmm!

If you’re looking to have a great evening in Moscow- “Shokoladnica” is the place to go. You will leave this chocolate restaurant knowing one thing for sure – you’re definitely coming back!

Source by Anton Borisov

Post Author: MNS Master