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Hello friends!

Happy monday 🙂 This is was my bake yesterday…

I’ve been working on this formula for a couple of months and I’ve almost settled on a flour blend that I really like. 70% white, 25% whole grain and 5% rye. I’m still working on what grain the 25% is. I’m not really spoiled for choice in terms of flour, but I’ve tried 25% spelt, and 25% whole wheat and a few variations in between. This one is 25% whole wheat.

The hydration has varied from 75% to 85% this week. I must say this has been my favorite version of the dough to work with. I use 2.4% salt.


1. Levain build the night before mixing 16g 80% hydration 100% rye NMNF starter, 6g rye, 36g whole wheat, 33g water. I typically use the levain when its some where between 10 and 12 hours old (although I do want to try using it when its a bit younger, just to see what happens)

2. 2 hour autolyse on mixing day (316g water, 296 white unbleached bread flour, 67g whole wheat flour)

3. Add 10 g salt and 90g levain to flour and hand mix for a couple of minutes. Rest for 10mins and mix again. Repeat 3 -4 times.

4. S&F 60, 120 and 180 mins after mixing.

5. Bulk ferment for another 3 hours or until the dough is jiggly (yes, this is a very technical term!)

6. Preshape and rest for 30mins then shape.

7. Proof at room temp for another 1 -2 hours (depending on the weather, it was cold this weekend so I let it go for 2 hours).

8. Retard overnight, bake straight from the fridge. 250dC with steam for 20mins ,230dC without steam for another 25mins.


I’m happy with the crumb on this one, its nice and soft.

I’ve tried this leafy scoring pattern before, but I think I like this version better, with the more aggressive slashes down the side… but I might change my mind next week!

Have a great week everyone and happy baking 🙂


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