Natural Pet Remedies

When people catch a cold the first thing they reach for is orange juice and chicken soup. People reach for natural home remedies because they work. When animals eat grass, they are using natural pet remedies to fix a constipation problem. When they chew one stick rather than another it’s because the bark of the preferred stick contains something their body needs. Dominated animals have not lost all instinct from the wild, knowing what’s good for them.

Homeopathic treatment for animals is not too far from homeopathic treatment for humans. Considering the cause of the problem and treating it ensures the mind, body and soul (or fur) are all balanced. Natural pet remedies use herbs and other treatments instead of chemicals that only treat the symptoms. Wild animals have an instinct when they are ill and head for the proper plant to heal themselves. Today, we prepare treatments from those same plants to heal our domestic animals.

Dandelion, for example, is a liver detox herb humans use for a variety of reasons including kidney stone prevention and liver toning for diabetes. Echinacea is another example of an herb humans take as a natural antibiotic for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal components. As natural pet remedies, mix the two with other herbs in an oil base and you have an immune stimulant for your dog or cat. Ear mites do not like tea tree oil. Intestinal parasites do not like neem or wormwood.

Natural pet remedies are as good for pets as herbal remedies are for humans. They do multiple jobs well and are inexpensive. Check with a holistic vet for further information.

Source by Jordan Flask

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