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I’ve really been enjoying reducing my levain to 10% and doing a longer bulk ferment this winter. I wanted to make some loaves to give away and to serve at a party, so I tried mixing dough for 6 loaves at once. Boy, that was a mistake! My scale couldn’t handle the weight so all of my measurement were thrown off, but somehow the breads may be my best ever (at least visually).

The dough was 10% levain, 2% salt, 45% KABF, 50% T85, and 5% rye. I would guess the hydration ended up being around 80% but my calculations were thrown off. I find my Farmer Ground Flour T85 to be very thirsty. At the lamination stage I divided the dough into two cheddar/jalapeno, two leek/mustard seed/shallot, one rosemary olive, and one raisin/walnut.

The autolyse was about 2.5 hours. I kneaded the dough on the counter to add the levain and then kneaded salt and extra water (about equal amounts salt and water) 15 minutes later. I did one set of S&F before the lamination. I think I did 2 sets of coil folds, but it is possible that I did 3. The bulk ferment at 69 degrees went for about 8.5 hours, shaped, on the counter for 30 minutes, and then 13 hours in the fridge.

I can’t figure out why these loaves came out so well! I just hope I can repeat it. I think having a slightly higher hydration versus my last bake with the same flours helped. I also think I got the length of the bulk ferment about right.

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