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You may need to put on your sunglasses to look at this cake, because it’s full of the brightest rainbow buttercream I’ve ever made!

Instagram is practically brimming with super cute number and letter-themed cakes, inspired by Instagrammer Adi Klinghofer, otherwise known as @adikosh123. Recently, my friends at Food Network asked me to create a version of this cake for their website, and I was thrilled to be asked. My spin on this trend is a veritable trip to Candy Land, with sour candies, Sixlets, pink candy bars, dipped doughnuts, and -what else? – lots and lots of sprinkles!

The original version of this cake was made using cookie dough, so the finished confection was a frosted and stacked cookie cake. For this version I used sponge cake, which made a sturdy base for all the buttercream that gets piped on.

Prerequisite for making this cake? You must love buttercream! (No problem here!) I used all the neon gel food colors of the rainbow to tint the frosting. You can find the set of gels I used here.

My favorite part of making this cake was picking out all of the bits and bobs for decoration. I absolutely love the sparkle of rock candy lollipops, so on they went! I custom-made pink mini chocolate bars using this candy mold, and I whipped up some tiny donuts using this baking mold.

This is only a small peek at what awaits you on! Click HERE for the video tutorial (with volume on for a mini dance party), and HERE for the full recipe, directions, and printable template.


OMG Letters Cake
Heather Baird

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