One of the Best Kitchen Tips Ever

I tend to be forgetful in the kitchen and sometimes burn a pot or pan. It's not always my fault because my twin sons are such great conversationalists. They can talk about almost anything and are so engaging that I lose track of time … easily.

The other day I did a doozie. I was cooking zucchini (used spell check for this one) and the pan ran out of water. It must have been over an hour on high heat. Whew! The pan was totally burnt and carbonized. I was surprised the handle had not melted.

The smell was … unique.

I just knew my sweet wife would give me one of those looks. You know, the I am not too sure you should be around the kids, look.

I really do not like "the look" so I began thinking of ways to avoid it.

After much thinking and testing here is what works so well that after you use it you'll think you bought a new pan.

Drum roll …

3M wet or dry sand paper.

It is absolutely amazing! I used 320 grit (very fine) 400 works well, too. It can be found at most auto parts stores and in the paint section at Walmart (do not kid, I see my millionaire neighbors there too).
It feels almost like just a rough piece of paper … that's how fine it is.

Here's what you do:

1. carefully remove any thick burned-on food with a flat razor blade.

2. slightly fill the burned (stainless-steel) pan with soap water.

3. scrub with the sand paper until the burned residual is gone.

You'll be amazed at the results. What was once a nasty burned spot will look like new. Your stainless-steel pan will shine like brand spanking new.

I hope this is helpful, however you may not need this tip as you probably have a whole brain … or a timer.

Source by Lee Walters

Post Author: MNS Master