Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Tips

Summers are the best time for barbecues, but of course no one is stopping you anytime you want some delicious barbecue whatever season it may be. Most of us own our own grill anyway, so it’s very convenient to have a barbecue party anytime we want to. Expertise in barbecue grilling is not one of the things we are born with. It’s a skill we should master if we want to bring our own barbecue to the next pot luck party.

To strengthen your barbecue grilling ability, you can read on these common tips and techniques, which should be handy on your next grilling session.

• Get the best grill. If you are a first-timer in barbecue grilling, it is suggested that you use gas or electric grill. It’s much easier to use compared to charcoal grills, and still gives scrumptious results. Gas grills also burn enough to give the meat some “char” marks and smokey flavor. Should you choose charcoal grills, avoid using the self-igniting briquettes. These are easy to burn but the problem is that it also affects the flavor of the food making them taste like petroleum.

• Make the grill very hot before placing the meat. This is a necessity if you want to come up with the best barbecue. The heat of the grill allows the meat to develop caramelized smoky flavors. It also brings the meat from sticking to the grill, making it easier for you to flip the food in one stroke.

• Clean the grill with a wire brush. Remove any previous food residue. You do not want to stick these food bits on your new batch of barbecue. Just be careful with the hot grill because it might burn you.

• Place the meat or whatever food item you want to grill. The side that comes into contact with the heat first gets the best “char” marks. You can use this side if you want the best presentation for your grilled barbecue. The beautiful marks would make the food more palatable.

• When you are already grilling, move the food around slowly. This would prevent the food item from burning. Flip the item over if it’s already half-cooked. The perfect grilled food does not have black marks on them, but rather delicious brown marks on both sides. The item has to be removed from the heat before it gets overcooked. Perfect timing is also essential in grilling barbecue.

• Know when to close the lid. If you want to speed up the grilling process while increasing the smoky flavor of the food, you can close down the lid but have the small air vent on the top of the grill open. Be careful too when closing the lid because it increases the likelihood of small fires.

When using the barbecue grill in the outdoors, do not forget to position it accordingly. This allows the coal to burn faster and you will not have to put with the heat going your way. Happy grilling!

Source by Michelle Cruthirds

Post Author: MNS Master