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My list of treasured Christmas traditions is extensive to say the least and probably reads something like Buddy the Elf’s to-do list, so thank heavens I don’t have to choose a favorite. However, I’ll admit that gingerbread house-making is waaaay up there, near the top!

This year Wilton invited me to create a gingerbread house using their ready-made gingerbread kits and decorations. What a treat! Having all the pieces ready to assemble made the process so efficient and I could focus all my creativity on decorating, which is my favorite part.

When Wilton invites you to a gingerbread house party they are not playing around. Just look at all the possibilities! I was overwhelmed in the best way possible. I absolutely squealed when I saw the Gingerbread Doghouse Kit, and had every intention of making a little house for candy versions of Biscuit and Churro, but as I examined the cookie pieces I found new inspiration and direction.

Both Gingerbread House Kit and Gingerbread Doghouse Kit came with colorful decorations and the always important stiff frosting to spackle the structure together. While unpacking the cookie pieces I had the idea to make my house two stories tall by putting the smaller doghouse on top of the bigger gingerbread house. To achieve this, I microwaved the front and back of the dog house for about 45 seconds (enough time to make the cookie soft) and then I used the pointed end of a heart cookie cutter to remove a triangular piece from each cookie. That’s it! -well, that and more frosting spackle to hold everything together. You can see a little of the process in the following video.

I used Wilton’s ready-made red and white Decorating Icing to whip up a pink frosting for the exterior. You’ll need two tubes of white and just a dab of red frosting to cover the entire house. The roof shingles are made of Wilton’s white fondant, and I used a square scalloped cookie cutter to stamp out the shapes. My current favorite holiday colors are pink, red, and green, so I was instantly drawn to the sugar pearls and used them for rooftop decors.

When I first assembled the two houses together, the shape looked like a chapel or even a chicken coop (!!) but after much consideration all the cute gingerbread decors from Wilton dictated the end result which I love.

Here’s a peek at the back of the house! The garlands and icicles are some of my favorite touches, and they are all ready-made decors that you can pop onto the house with a little frosting. How cute is the ‘Free Samples’ sign? I totally want to shop there.

Wilton provided some food color writers and small sign decors, which I used for doors, windows and the cute ‘open’ sign. The trees, wreath, gingerbread garland, snowflakes – and even the gumdrops – are all from Wilton’s gingerbread collection.

Wilton Gingerbread House Kits are a boon to busy parents (and busy anybodies!) who want to bring a little tradition and creativity to their own holiday tables.

You can pick up the gingerbread kits and all the ready-made decors in-store at Walmart or here, online!

**Gingerbread house materials provided by WIlton, recommendations and opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers’ efforts.

Pretty Pink Gingerbread Shop with Wilton’s Gingerbread House Kits
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