Quick Cooking Tips and Techniques

There is nothing like a good cooking tip when working in your kitchen. Here is just a small list I have put together for you. I think you will enjoy them … Happy Cooking!

· Use a shaker container to mix flour and cold water before adding as a thickener.

· Smell of onion or garlic on hands just rinse hands in cold water, rub with salt or baking powder, rinse again and then wash with soap and water.

· Sprinkle sliced ​​fruits with lemon juice to keep them from browning

· Keep brown sugar soft by placing a slice of bread in the container and cover tightly.

· Dry, granulated honey, just place honey container in a pan of heated water.

· If your rice came out sticky just rinse rice thoroughly with warm water to wash out the excess starch and separate grains.

· For crispier fries, fry twice. First fry until golden in 340 degree oil, then drain and let cool at room temperature. Just before serving, fry in 375-degree oil until golden brown.

· Keep leftover cookies softer by adding 2 slices of bread to the cookie jar.

· If you're sautéing events, make sure you add the salt after the comments have started to turn brown, or else you will slow down the caramelization process.

· To keep celery fresher longer wrap it in aluminum foil and place it in the refrigerator.

· If you have added too much salt in a recipe it can be fixed by adding a few slices of raw potato. It will absorb the excess salt from whatever dish you're making.

· When grilling, play around with different flavor wood chips such as: hickory, mesquite, alder, or fruitwood. That will add another whole dimension to the flavor of the product you're cooking.

· Make sure that if you're making kebabs with wooden skewers to be put on the grill that you soak the skewers in water overnight so that they do not burn up when placed on the grill.

Source by Samantha Seville

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