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I usually come home late from work. And I also love cooking my own dinner. Cooking to me is therapeutic, and I unwind by cooking. But, except on a weekend or a Sunday, I do not have the pleasure of cooking slowly. I am too hungry, and I usually have some personal work to attend to like blogging, and catching up news on by feed reader. So, my weekday cooking is usually quick, and when I say quick, It is really quick.

First thing I enter my home; I take off my jacket and shirt. I stash away whatever I come in with, and enter the kitchen right away. I either open a beer or pour me a class of orange juice.

And with that I start right away. I am fond of cooking, so it has kind of become habit, and I know what to do when I am cooking something.

My most common dish is chicken gravy / stew, and here is what I do. Even before taking out the chicken, I put the cooking pan on heat. I take out Onions and lay it on the cutting board. I pour Olive Oil into the pan. And I immediately turn my hand to the chopping board and chop the onion. Oil is hot by the time half the onion is cut .. I add it so as not over heat the oil. I add the second half soon after I have chopped them and give a quick stir.

I leave it at that and crush a few cloves of garlic and some ginger, add them, never giving a rest to my hands.

I take out the Chicken, quickly cut them into smaller pieces .. I use precut chicken .. Add the chicken, and give a quick stir ..

Now I add salt and pepper, and stir again. I cover the pan, and start cutting up two tomatoes, and two large Potatoes cut in large chunks.

Open the pan; add the Tomatoes and the Potatoes. Give a quick stir. Add Two cups of water, or chicken stock if you have them. Add about a cup of red wine. Bring to a boil, and lower the heat. All this took about 20 minutes.

I go back and remove my shoes, and pants. I go and take shower ..

When I come out, the potatoes are soft when I press with a spoon. Increase the heat to make the gravy thicker.

Garnish with Cilantro. Was not it quick?

Source by Bob Brahm

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