Salad Recipe: 4 Top Salad Recipes

We all know the heavy feeling that hits after Christmas, your body begging you to lighten up and stop the consumption. It’s no coincidence that getting healthy is on most resolution lists.

With this in mind we thought we’d bring you a delicious selection of salads, video recipes that are tasty enough to keep you excited and healthy enough to give your body the January nutrients it requires.

They’re all produced by the creative minds at ChefSteps and there’s all manner of goodness going in to these salad recipes. 

First up there’s a chickpea and tuna salad recipe.

How about a microwaved radicchio salad?

For those who still yearn for a hit of meat, this endive salad with pork belly is perfect.

For those who want to surprise their dinner guests there’s also this wonderful salad soup idea.

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