Second attempt at Kirsten’s formula (community bake)

After my last attempt I decided to reduce the autolyse time and see if it helped.  I made 2 x 600gm loaves – one had 1 hour autolyse, the other had 2 hour autolyse.  I withheld 20 gms water in both and found this made a huge difference.  I did 100 SLAFs, rested 5 minutes then added salt and did another 100 SLAFs.

I also shortened the rest periods between folds to 30 minutes – 1 fold before lamination and 3 afterwards.  Bulk ferment took in total six and a half hours for loaf 1 (1 hour autolyse) and 7 hours 40 minutes for loaf 2 (2 hour autolyse). Both loaves were shaped and left on bench for 30 minutes then retarded overnight.

Next day my bake started a little later than usual as I had an 8:15 appointment so overnight retard was about 14 hours. Baked at 240 deg C for 16 minutes in closed DO then lid off for another 16 minutes.

Top image is loaf 1.

Loaf 2.

Still getting to grips with my new oven and would have liked a bit more colour.

Crumb shot loaf 1

Crumb shot loaf 2

Side by side comparison

Looking at the side by side comparison, I think 1 hour autolyse (lower loaf) is better with my flour although I may try again another time.  Much happier with the crumb this time and dough seemed to have more strength to hold its shape.

It is a lovely bread and will get baked again I think.

Bake happy everyone


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