See Faster Hair Growth by Avoiding the Wrong Foods

Everyone has heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. This was told to us probably as a child to encourage us to eat healthy foods. Today this is a mantra that should not change even as you’ve gotten older. If you’re losing hair it could very well be because of the types of foods that you are eating.

Eating the wrong foods containing the wrong nutrients can lead to hair fall and the continued thinning of your hair. Your hair relishes on certain key minerals and vitamins in order for it to start growing. The only way to get them is through the eating of specific foods.

Do you snack on walnuts? If you may not want to consider doing this as a replacement for foods like potato chips and so forth that are greasy and fatty. Walnuts contain high amounts of magnesium, a mineral that really gains hair growth.

Vitamins like vitamin C help to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. Most fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of it that will help to benefit the growth of your hair. Definitely do not leave them out of your diet.

You need to stay away from red meats, these do absolutely no good for the growth of your hair. Protein is an important part of making your hair grow back, but you have to be selective in the types of protein that you seek out. Nut products, eggs and various other protein-based foods are your best sources for this nutrient that will enable you to restore your hair naturally.

Source by Christopher Litmon

Post Author: MNS Master