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I had no idea this was Teresa’s bread. She is super innovative! If you are a fan of sour flavored sourdough and have not taken her online course for SFSD, I highly recommend you give it some thought.

Here is a comment I wrote to the bread link you posted in your original post.

” Teresa, I was surprised to read that the bread had only a moderate sour flavor. Your course on “Mother Dough” also produced less sour than anticipated. After baking your San Francisco SD for years, I have become a firm believer that super sour flavor is obtained during the actual fermentation of the dough and not nearly as much from the starter, as many bakers believe.

I’ve baked at least a couple hundred of your SFSD, and speaking from experience, a very sweet (non-sour) starter can produce a super sour bread.

You are my “super sour bread guru”! The day I discovered your San Francisco Sourdough course was a definitive turning point in my bread baking progress. After years of searching I found what I was looking for.

Danny Ayo”

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