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Hello friends!

This weeks’ bake was fun for me, tried a few new things. Second time doing coil folds for gluten development (I like it), first time using a “young levain” (I don’t like it), first time using a stencil for my design (I like it!)


160g 100% hydration levain (73% whole wheat, 27% rye), used after 5 hours. [Normally, I’d use it just after it peaks, 10ish hours after feeding. The dough felt a bit different this time, really soft and not as tight. It wasn’t terrible, just not what I’m used to.]

294g water

315g white bread flour

55g whole wheat flour

40g toasted mixed seeds soaked in 40g water overnight.

11g salt


1. 2 hour autolyse.

2. Mix in levain, seeds and salt using regular folds with 10min rest in between each fold for an hour.

3. 4 coil folds, during bulk 45mins apart, leave to finish bulk fermenting for about 2hours or until there’s loads of bubbles.

4. Preshape, rest for 30min, shape and rest for another hour.

5. Retard overnight.

6. Bake @ 250dC with steam for 20mins and then 23mins without steam.

I’m happy with the spring on this one:

I didn’t handle the dough very well when I was getting it out of the container to preshape, had I done better, I think I could have gotten a better crumb. I’m not too bothered though, the taste and texture are great. The crumb is much softer than my seeded loaves usually are. Maybe because of the less acidic younger levain?

I loved making the stencil, it was so relaxing and therapeutic.

Credit for the design goes to @sourdough_nouveau (link:

I did tweak the pattern a bit to make it more “me”.

I almost got super clean lines, but then I smudged the flour as I took the loaf out of the oven, so close… LOL!!

Happy baking everyone, and have a great week 🙂


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