Slow Cooker Beef Ragu – Slender Kitchen

As a kid the most amazing thing happened in my house every Friday. My Dad would get home from work and inevitably be carrying a large, overflowing cardboard box. He would drop it on the kitchen table and we would all run to the kitchen to see what was inside. Most of the time we were looking for dough-doughs a magical fried dough creation I think my grandmother invented that we would toast and cover in cinnamon and sugar but there were always other delicious treats as well homemade macaroni and cheese (the best you’ve ever had), homemade pizza, the occasional chop suey, and always delicious, unbelievable spaghetti sauce.

Thinking back she must have made sauce every week because we were always stacked three high in the freezer and more always came. Neighbors and friends would ask for it and relatives would almost always take some home. Her sauce was famous. I really wish I would have learned to make that sauce. And today as I start to build my own repertoire of sauces, including today’s beef ragu a slow cooked tomato sauce with shredded beef I think a lot about my grandmother and make a mental note that someday, in the the very far off future, I want to be just like her and her magical Friday boxes.

Post Author: MNS Master