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Uploading pictures

1. Put the cursor where you want your picture to appear within a post and click.

2. Go to the picture icon (square box with mountain) in the nav bar above the post box and click on that.

3. A pop up will appear and click right on the camera icon with the magnifying glass on the very far right. Don’t click anywhere else like the space beside it.

4. A new page will appear and click on the green Upload button at the top left.

5. A pop up will appear and click on “choose file”. Navigate to the file you want to upload and click on it.

6. You will be brought back to the pop up. Hit the green “upload” button IN the pop up window.

7. Your picture will appear floating below. Click anywhere on the picture and you will be back to another pop up.

8. Click okay on that pop up and your picture will finally be in your post.

Be careful what you do after that cause your picture will still be highlighted and if you touch the space bar or some other letter, you will lose the picture. Safer to click somewhere else first to unhighlight the pict.

Hope this helps.

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