Spicy Chicken and Corn Tacos

Spicy Chicken and Corn Tacos are a seriously tasty taco packed with chicken breast, corn, and plenty of spice. They come together in under 20 minutes for a healthy, easy dinner.

I have a vault of taco recipes – slow cooker tacos, vegetarian tacos, fish tacos, taco salads, crispy tacos – you get the idea. But in my mind since you can never have enough taco options, so why not add one more with this simple weeknight spicy chicken and corn taco recipe.  Instead of reaching for a premade taco seasoning (packed with preservatives) or preseasoned meats (packed with extra calories), you can make your own at home in the same amount of time.  This one adds fresh corn but you could substitute in any veggie.  I have used zucchini, diced tomatoes, and even spinach successfully.  Paired with some smoky spices and my favorite chipotle peppers and you have a quick and delicious taco dinner.

Spicy Chicken and Corn Tacos on a cutting board with a red pepper.

Now when it comes to making tacos, I think few things are critical. First let’s talk about the tortillas. If you have a gas range, then I recommend quickly cooking them directly on the flame for just a few seconds on each side. This adds a touch of char and takes the taco to the next level. Then there is heat. You can either add heat directly to the tacos, like we do in this recipe, or you can add salsa. For these tacos, we are going to create a salsa right in the pan using chipotle peppers. Chipotle peppers are smoked jalapenos and are so much flavor to recipes. However they can be really spicy, so add them them slowly until you get the spice level you want.

Tips for Making these Spicy Chicken and Corn Tacos

  • Although I opted for chicken breast, you can use chicken thighs as well. Ground turkey or beef will also work out really well in this recipe, as would some beans for a vegetarian option. Cauliflower also works.
  • This recipe has spice from both a fresh jalapeno and chipotles. If you want things less spicy, don’t add the fresh jalapeno. Keep the chipotle since they add smokiness as well, but add it without the seeds for less spice.
  • This recipe is just for the filling. I recommend using corn tortillas that you lightly char on the stove. For a lower carb option, you can use a lower carb tortilla or lettuce wraps.

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Spicy Chicken Tacos with corn on a white background with fresh produce.

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