Sticky baguette situation….

Sticky baguette situation….

I could save the crumb somehow but this was a tricky bake…literally the dough stuck on the couche and I had to peel it can see how  the optimist inside me even tried to score…..ha. ha. ha……one baguette I ate out of frustration straight away to destroy evidence while it was warm and Pat was my partner in crime! Barney needs to loose  weight and was not allowed a crumb and Jacob was at school!

Two remained…

It all started so well…nice looking dough from over night cold bulk….

but it was sticky like…and just about managed it on the floured kitchen towel…and yes I did have to use flour Alan!

Well….the towel was so well floured and maybe an indication how sticky this dough was at 73% hydration. It was ok last time so who knows what happened…my hunch is that I let the warm bulk go too far…

Oh, I was so flustered by the whole thing that I steamed the oven too early and because the sticks ended up too long I almost botched up the loading too and dropped the dough. If anyone would have filmed me it would have been a good laugh….

Well…I have to try that again….another day!

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