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Lucy was back on her Meta Verse 2.0 project.  Her update is that instead of 2040 as the date we will be able to migrate our brains into the cloud, so we can live forever any way we want, has been moved back to 2050.  This is terrible news.

With the Social Security Trust Fund running out of IOU’s in 2037 and payments to be cut 30%, we were hoping for an earlier migration not a later one.  Heck, I’m still waiting on Fusion Power, promised 60 years ago, to be available in the year 2000 that is now still 50 years away.

The scientists were not at all anywhere being correct about that for sure.  I don’t know why we would believe them now about Meta Verse 2.0 come to think of it.  Lucy wonders what else they are wrong about since they have been wrong about 97% of what they told us to be true and promised us over their existence throughout history?

The only good thing is that man’s mission for the habitation of Mars is also being pushed back from 2032 to 2042 and the reason is…they want use the first Beta test of humans in the cloud, linked to their robot bodies hardened against radiation, for the Mars mission instead of sending humans.

Biological humans are just too weak for any kind of living off the earth and way, way to maintenance heavy.  A cheap date we are not.  We are the absolute worst beings to colonize space outside of elephants and blue whales.   Why would ever think we should go to Mars is beyond comprehension although I can think a a few people I would like to see leave the Earth forever too.

Talk about over proofed but it is a very wet dough that is closer to ciabatta and sprouted flour doesn’t help either”-).

Not only do we have to be shielded way more than Meta Verse 2.0 robots against radiation but we need food, water, entertainment, emotional and mental health help even on earth and we create way too much waste to even be allowed to live on Earth much less Mars…… or anywhere else in the Universe according to Lucy.

The chances of a successful mission to Mars goes up by a factor of 10 by not using humans which only had a 25% chance of surviving in the first place.   Lucy says she thinks they just couldn’t find enough suicidal astronauts.  I think I will go to Mars as soon as I transition to the cloud because then I can do anything I want whenever I want….so I will…….when I can.

Best Shrimp, Andouille and Smoked Turkey Gumbo you can’t buy anywhere

This one is a bit different than Last Friday’s bake.  We had to refresh our NMNF starter so we built a whole rye levain for this one with all the Whole rye in the mix – 10% pre-fermented flour – 100% hydration.  The 25% sprouted grains had no rye and were equal parts of red wheat, spelt, oat and Kamut.  The remaining 15% of whole grains was red wheat.

How about a big lunch of Smoked Sopressata Pasta

We did get the overall hydration up to the 86% mark this time.  We did an autolyse with all of the non-sprouted dough flour for 2 hours holding back 50 g of the water to get the salt and levain mixed in.  We cut back the 3.5 hours of gluten development and bulk ferment to 3 hours because of the sprouted grains realizing that it would be much faster with sprouted flour.

Have a good SD pancake breakfast on bake day and grilled chicken dinner is always on the menu

We did 150 slap and folds to start and then did 50 more for the 2nd set and then did 2 sets of 10 slap and folds and 1 set of stretch and folds from the compass points.  Then we got it into a ball and put it in an oiled SS bowl for a long 18 hour cold bulk retard.

When we got it out the next morning we let it sit for and hour.  By then, it had more than doubled.  We skipped the pre-shape since it was very puffy if cold.  We shaped it into a batard and placed it into a rice floured basket for 2 hours proofing before we unmolded it and tried to score it, successfully for first 2 but unsuccessfully for the next two which really kind of mangled and deflated it.  Then we spritzed it to really let it spread.

Into the oven it went with the Mega Steam Lava Rocks on the bottom of the oven for 20 minutes of steam.  It did recover some and sprang a bit but it spread too.  It was more like a ciabatta shape when it went in.  Once the steam came out we baked it for another 15 minutes at 425 F convection.  When we took it out it was 208 F and did look more like a ciabatta.  Maybe it will be open like one too.

It did have a weak 3 B’s of bloom, blister and bold but we will have to wait in the OSM.

Got to love those salads even fruit ones

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