The Best Fish Oil to Help Reduce Your Cholesterol

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For many years I’ve been aware of the benefits of fish oil and how the Omega 3 essential fatty acid in it can help reduce cholesterol levels. But what I always wondered was what was the best fish oil to use. Now I’ve worked in health food retail for a long time and have had a lot of opportunity to do research into the topic.

I have personally tried a great many different fish oil products. I started by trying to take the natural approach and just eat a lot of fresh seafood. But when I went to see my doctor for my annual checkup he told me that my cholesterol had not improved. When I described for him what I was doing he cautioned me that although the oil from fish is very healthy, the actual fish can contain a lot of toxins and heavy metals. So he advised me to find a different way to get my Omega 3.

That’s when I started exploring supplements. I tried using flax oil on my salads; but I just couldn’t eat enough or eat it consistently enough to get the amount of Omega 3 that I needed. So I switched over to fish oil supplements.

They are loaded with essential fatty acids and are a simple and convenient way to include more of them into your diet. Being in health food retail I had access to a lot of different products. So I started trying as many different ones as I could find.

I should say at this point that I did my trials over many years; each year returning to my doctor to have my cholesterol checked and ensure that I was on a safe and healthy path.

It turned out that there was a lot of variation between brands. Some that I tried seemed to have little effect while others were just too expensive. But I did eventually find one that worked really well for me and fit into my budget. It’s a simple supplement that is easy to take every day and it works for me.

There is no toxic build up of heavy metals, the dose is consistent and appropriate and it actually worked to help reduce my cholesterol levels over an extended period of time. Now I take it every day and I always will.

Source by William McDonald

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